Office and Computer skills - Online course

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Office and Computer skills - Online course

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149.000 - Most vocational training funds will grant allocations for up to 90% of cost.


General course information

The course covers general computer and IT skills relevant to office work. It’s designed to benefit those looking to join the labour market as well as those who are already employed but want to further their careers. The course focuses on giving students the tools they need to be successful at work.

Subjects included are practical math, MS Word, MS Excel, presentation creation, effective study methods, self-empowerment and many more. The course consists of both lectures and assignments. All subjects start at a basic level and students are required to do homework.



Once the course is concluded we expect our students to know:

  • The most common commands in MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point.
  • Key skills required for office work.
  • Key skills required for communication and service.
  • What skills they possess and how to present them in a professional CV.
  • How to use practical mathematics in an office environment.


Teaching methods

Our office and computer skills class is an online course that consists of online lectures, reading material and assignments. It aims to provide students with practical tasks to improve their skills and emphasizes on independent work with a teacher’s guidance.

For whom is this course intended?

This course is intended for people working in an office environment as well as those seeking office jobs. It is a great opportunity for all those looking to increase their workplace capabilities whether they are employed, unemployed or suffering from diminished learning or work capabilities.

Registration and payment

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Introduction – Office 365 (Windows, Outlook & Internet).

Effective study methods and self-empowerment.

Practical math

Computer and IT skills (Word, Excel, Power Point)

Final assignment.



Further information

Introduction – Office 365, Outlook & Internet

The Office 365 application the school bases its courses on will be introduced to students and they’ll be taught how to use the Outlook mail service to communicate and book meetings. We’ll explore how to use outlook to manage time, projects, contacts and how to effectively use the internet. The core components that make up a computer will be examined. Students will be taught basic operating commands such as copying, saving, and printing while we learn how the Windows operating system works.




Effective study methods and self-empowerment.

We will focus on factors that affect our learning capabilities such as engagement, interest, focus, and consistency. Students will be taught memory and study techniques that help with information retention. Students will be given assignments to evaluate their learning style and feedback on how to improve it and learn how to write an effective glossary.

We will examine how people communicate and present themselves in different ways and how these different styles as well as self-confidence affect other people. We’ll look at passive, aggressive, and assertive communication styles and discuss threats to one's self-confidence and how to manage them. Students will learn techniques to boost their self-confidence to improve their communication skills and general well-being.

We will look at different factors that contribute to good communication such as listening, giving and receiving criticism and how to effectively resolve disputes. Key aspects of workplace communication and culture will be discussed and how to detect and prevent bullying. The importance of personal responsibility for one’s own goals and work satisfaction will be an important theme.

Practical Mathematics.

Students will learn the most important mathematical skills relevant to office work and how to use them to calculate percentages, discounts, markups, indexes, bills, turnover, interest rates, compound interest rates, compound percentages and value added tax. This will be achieved through multiple assignments.

MS Word

Students will learn the most important commands and skills required to effectively use MS Word such as proofing, formatting text, font types, exporting, copying, saving and printing.
This will be achieved through multiple assignments.


Students will learn to use Excel to build spreadsheets and tables and the commands required to change their appearance execute calculations. We will also examine how to visually represent data with charts, graphs and more.

PowerPoint – Creating presentations

Students will learn to create interesting presentations using MS PowerPoint which is part of the Office 365 package.


Final assignment.

The final assignment will give students the opportunity to combine the skills they have acquired during the course.

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